Ford Opened Solar Panel Installation in Germany image

Today, October 22nd, Ford opened its solar panel installation in Merkenich-Cologne, Germany.

RheinEnergie, a German energy provider, was the one who installed the solar panels on the roof of Ford’s European Parts and Distribution Centre. They can generate enough electricity to produce 1,100 megawatt hours annually, enough to power 370 homes and also reduce the annual CO2 production by 550 tones.

RheinEnergie plans to attract customers by offering a special contract for the new Focus Electric, which will help them maximize the environmental benefits and travel with no carbon footprint.

“This is further evidence of our commitment to CO2 reduction and the environment and the first time that green energy produced on Ford land can directly benefit its customers,” said Klaus Linden, supervisor, Energy Purchase, Ford of Europe. “Our aim, ultimately, is to establish an entirely carbon-neutral facility in Europe.”

All Ford’s Cologne sites, and three hydro-plants in Sweden and Norway, use green energy. The automaker’s buildings in Cologne use the steam power offered by RheinEnergie as a heating source. Ford is expected to announce new agreements with energy providers from other countries too, as the Focus Electric will be soon launched in Europe.