Ford Opens Expansion of its Design Centre in Germany image

Ford recently opened the expansion of its Design Centre at Merkenich-Cologne, Germany, in which it invested €11.6 million.

Besides the modern and innovative design, Ford also installed a powerwall which projects car and concept designs in 3D and virtual environments, redesigned the existing studios, and introduced new milling machines that create precise clay models of new vehicles using computer-aided design.

“Outstanding design is one of the things that sets our brand apart and excites our customers,” said Martin Smith, executive design director, Ford of Europe. “The Design Centre expansion will provide employees with a highly-motivational environment in which they are free to further develop Ford’s design philosophy.”

The updated Ford Design Centre accommodates the design and development team responsible for the creation of small and compact models, such as Fiesta and Focus. The expansion has 3,000m2, which means that the Centre now spreads on an area of 16,000m2.

Smith added that with this expansion the team will now be able to communicate in real time with their colleagues all over the world, exchanging design ideas and compare progress. With its innovative open-plan design, Ford’s different teams are brought closer together.