Interestingly, the Blue Oval company might look to cater to the market of outdoorsy people, the ones that fit roof or liftgate racks for their bicycles even on models that could easily fit them inside.

That’s not the case with the Mustang, but certainly that shouldn’t stop people from being sporty even after they are done driving. Subaru for example – and with great success – has almost always been regarded, and also promoted itself, as a brand for people loving the outdoor lifestyle. The Blue Oval automaker has recently filed a patent for a retractable bicycle carrier, and by the look of it might be simple enough to operate and also brilliantly positioned. As far as we can see, two rails come out of the bumper and have tie-downs to secure bicycles perpendicular to the car, akin to any aftermarket trunk-mount or receiver-hitch carrier.

No specific model mentions have been made in the documents, but the drawing clearly depicts the system in use on the Ford Mustang. The application also describes its easy operation – even allowing users access to the trunk or cargo areas of a sport-utility vehicle, crossover, or van. This means the company might look to introduce this as an option not just on the popular pony car, but also across a wide array of models from its stable.


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