Ford Plans Pilot Program Incentives For Healthier Workers in the US image

Ford offers financial incentives to its workers who make healthy lifestyle choices.

Ford and the UAW will launch in July a voluntary pilot program according to anonymous sources. Other automakers might also choose Ford’s wellness incentive strategy as the industry continues to struggle to rein in increasing health care costs.

“As part of the 2011 collective bargaining agreement, Ford and the UAW agreed to further discuss health initiatives,” Ford spokeswoman Kristina Adamski said in a statement to The Detroit News. “We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

Sources say that this program is quite similar with the one Ford already offers to its salaries employees in the US, through which the company rewards workers with lower premiums if they choose to make several lifestyle changes including losing weight or quitting smoking. The pilot program will be voluntarily for hourly workers but a source said that Ford plans to make it mandatory by 2015 for all US hourly workers. Chrysler has a similar program for its salaries workers, but plans to expand it to the hourly employees too.

“Chrysler Group is supportive of programs that support the health and wellness of our employees and their families,” said Chrysler spokesman Michael Palese. “We are aware of this effort and hope it will evolve into a viable program we can consider and evaluate for our employees.”

Source: The Detroit News