Ford Plans to Cut Vehicle Waste With 40% by 2016 image

Ford recently presented its 5-year global strategy, to reduce waste sent to landfill by 40% per vehicle by 2016.

For this strategy, Ford will work with global companies to use more eco-friendly packaging, and will identify ways to reduce the waste and track progress. The automaker announced it will first improve waste-sorting procedures and will invest in dry-machining technologies to minimize waste. This is not Ford’s first waste-reduction strategy, as the automaker managed to reduce waste per vehicle to 22.7 from 37.9 from 2007 to 2011.

According to Ford’s 2011 corporate sustainability report, the company’s plants in Nanchang, China; Lio Ho, Taiwan; Chennai, India; Genk, Belgium; Cologne, Germany; and Michigan have all achieved zero waste-to-landfill status. Last year Ford increased revenue with $225 million through the recycling of 568,000 tons of scrap metal in Canada and the United States.

“Reducing waste is a crucial part of our strategy toward building a world-class manufacturing system,” said John Fleming, executive vice president, Global Manufacturing and Labor Affairs. “By applying standard waste reduction processes across our global facilities, we are, through our actions – and not just words – improving the quality of life where we do business.”