Ford Plans to Develop New Lincoln Models image

Ford might develop new Lincoln models as the automaker tries to boost profits and revive the struggling luxury brand.

The US automaker did not say on which vehicle segments it will focus, but during the presentation to investors on Thursday, June 13th, Ford said that it expects the crossover and premium small-car segments to increase sharply by 2015. Currently, Lincoln does not have a small car but an anonymous source familiar with the matter said that the company plans to manufacture a near-luxury compact sedan for 2016.

This year, at the Detroit Auto Show, Ford came with a concept version for the Lincoln MKC compact crossover, which is expected to hit the market sometime next year. Matt VanDyke, who is in charge of Lincoln’s development and day-to-day operations, said that there are still auto markets which the automaker has not entered and which are high-volume segments in a continuous increase.

If the small sedan will be approved, it will be sold in the US and China, and compete against GM’s Cadillac ATS and Mercedes CLA. Last year Lincoln accounted for almost 4% of Ford’s sales in the US and sold 82,150 vehicles in the region, becoming the 8th best-selling luxury brand.

Source: Reuters