Ford Predicts US February Sales With No Big Impact Due to Northeast Storm image

Ford expects February sales in the US to have no major impact because of this weekend storm which hit the Northeast.

According to Ken Czubay, head of U.S. sales, service and marketing for Ford, the storm which hit the Northeast this weekend is different form the Superstorm Sandy, which hit the same area in October and left behind significant infrastructure damage. This storm was less damaging compared with Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed 230,000 vehicles in 15 states. New York was the most affected by the storm, with 130,000 vehicles destroyed, followed by New Jersey with 60,000 units.

The storm this weekend brought 40 inches (1 meter) of snow, with hurricane force winds, killing nine people and leaving thousands of houses without electricity. Officials warned that today the weather might bring more snow and freezing rain, advising commuters to choose the subway and leave home their vehicles.

“It will make it a little more hazardous and a little more slick on the roads,” said Kenneth James, a National Weather Service meteorologist based in Maryland.

About 350,000 customers were left without electricity according to the utility companies, and at one point on Saturday, around 700,000 homes and businesses didn’t have power.