What if you had an electric assist bike that can be folded, it’s light enough to be used on a daily commute and strong enough for weekend escapades in to the nature? It sounds almost too good, but it’s here, and it’s being showcased by Ford, the second largest US automaker.

The company recently unveiled the MoDe:Flex eBike – a fully connected bike that can be hooked to the owner’s smartphone to plan routes, tap forecasts and gain access to fitness information. And when commuting to the office coming off without sweat might be a great perk -.Ford’s bike has you covered – the “no sweat mode” will monitor the rider’s heart rate to deliver the needed amount of electric pedal assistance to prevent breaking a sweat. It even has custom designed LEDs that enhance city visibility and the cyclist is warned by the bike as it lightly vibrates when a car is overtaking. Designed to be folded and stored away, the bike can be charged can even be charged from a car outlet, not just the external charger.

The bike comes as Ford has moved with full speed into a broader initiative, known as “Smart Mobility” in a bid to keep the automaker relevant in the changing landscape of road transportation. It’s also the third and most advanced bike made by Ford. “My great-grandfather helped put the world on wheels so everyone could enjoy the benefits of mobility,” commented in a statement Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. And to enhance practicality, the bike has three possible configurations.

Via Business Insider


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