Ford Prepares Genk Plant for the New Mondeo image

Ford assures unions that it will manufacture the new Mondeo at the Genk plant in Belgium.

On Wednesday, September 19th, union officials received an email from the automaker in which it presents its plans to manufacture the new Mondeo sedan at the Genk plant in Belgium, beginning October 14th, 2013, a 6-month delay from the initial plan. Everyone expected Ford to announce its restructuring plan in Europe, including the closing of the Genk facility.

“I think that the Mondeo is now certain for Genk,” ACV union official Luc Prenen said, while Rohnny Champagne of the ABVV union said: “Everyone is relieved, but we are retaining a required sense of reality.”

Starting from November, Ford will begin to equip the plant with material to press body shapes, adjust the production line and all changes and preparations necessary for the Mondeo production. Ford currently has 4,000 employees working in Genk, which manufactures the Mondeo, the Galaxy and the S-Max. Ford has reported 11% decrease in the European market from January to July, saying that immediate action was needed to match production with demand. Due to losses in Europe, Peugeot plans to cut 10,000 jobs in France and close a plant near Paria, while Fiat and Opel will also reduce capacity.