Ford presents new Duratec Direct Flex Engine in Brazil image

Ford Brazil has presented a new engine with direct injection, fueled with both ethanol and gasoline. The new Duratec Direct Flex is the first one worldwide provided with this technology.

The launch took place in São Paulo, associated with the first exhibition of the New Focus Sedan, model expected to hit the Brazilian market soon.

“The New Focus Duratec 2.0 Direct Flex is the first engine worldwide with this technology, especially developed for Brazil. It’s another example of Ford’s pioneering initiative in engines, to offer the best in performance and fuel saving”, states Rogelio Golfarb, vice-president of Corporate Affairs at Ford, during the launch press conference.

Flex-fuel injection provided with the Duratec Direct 2.0 engine, which equips the New Focus Sedan, enhances engine output for maximum power, with efficiency and lower cost. Developed by Brazilian engineering, the system allows accurate electronic control of the fuel mixture into the engine. Another innovation is the ignition system, which assures quick start in any situation, without the need of additional features.