Ford promises that you do not have to worry over the cupholder design anymore image

Even if it seems like a minor issue not to have a proper cupholder in your car, Ford has put a lot of thought into this matter to please its US customers.

It is actually quite annoying when you find that you do not have a proper place in the cabin to put your cup or bottle filled with the favourite beverage. It seems that Ford also thought about this inconvenient while designing the new 2017 Ford Fusion and set out in search of what makes cupholders so important to customers. During its research on the matter, it found out that 79 percent of Americans use cupholders for bottles, with a majority of 52 percent saying they typically use them to carry cups of coffee and tea. Ford also found North American customers use large soft-drink cups more than other parts of the world, and they are much likelier to drink on the go, while in Asia people tend to bring wide tea bottles into the vehicle.

Among non-beverage items placed in cupholders, phones by far are the most common, roughly half saying they use them to store their mobile device, followed by 28 percent who use it for loose change and 19 percent of respondents placing food.

2017 Ford Fusion Center Console

Taking all these findings into consideration, Ford redesigned them for the new 2017 Ford Fusion and the replacement of the traditional shifter with a rotary gear shift dial freed space for two newly cupholders, both available with ambient lighting. The armrest was also extended by nearly 3 inches, while the armrest bin gained an extra half-gallon. For even more storage, a pocket was added to the front console for your miscellaneous.