Ford promotes 50 years old Mustang everywhere image

From hand nail polish to football (soccer for our US audience) and the “Blacklist” TV series, nothing is too unimportant when it comes to the marketing of the 50th-anniversary version of the Mustang.

With sales only scheduled to begin during the fall and no other competitor revealing a Mustang caliber model in the mean time, Ford aims to command all media and social attention on its iconic muscle car – specifically overhauled in time for the 50 years anniversary.

The Ford Mustang made a hit appearance during the New York International Auto Show, as it was also displayed up on the Empire State Building, on its 84th floor observation deck. Besides that, it has initiatives with nail-polish brands and fashion designers, and we expect it to expand on its mammoth line of licensing business, which ranges from key chains to pool tables, with anything you could imagine in between.

One very interesting one-time appearance was during hit TV show “The Blacklist”. Half way through the latest episode of the NBC hit drama, Ford drew on a significant plot twist and introduced a commercial specifically tailored for that exact moment.

Of course, movie appearances are nothing new for the Mustang, which was used by Hollywood since its apparition in 1964. One of the latest movie stunts is in the Need for Speed franchise turned to movie – where it acts as the car of choice for the lead star.

Via Forbes