Ford Quietly Replaces Lincoln’s Chief Designer image

The Lincoln brand, which has started a $1 billion overhaul, will have a new design director, who will replace Max Wolff.

Max Wolff has been hired four years ago from GM and it will remain with the Lincoln brand, responsible for the exterior design of the brand’s models, according to Stephane Cesareo, a company spokesman. His successor is David Woodhouse, who left GM to head Ford’s former European luxury lines in 1999. Woodhouse’s LinkeIn account shows that the changes have been made since December, but the company did not make any public announcement.

Ford only said back then that Wolff will help the company with a “fresh perspective that will challenge us internally and takeLincolnto new levels of prestige.”

As Ford plans to quickly redesign Lincoln’s product line it needed more design resources. Stephane Cesareo said that the automaker did not announce this move as Ford no longer issues a press release for job promotions.

“Much like we’ve expanded our global marketing team, design needs that too,” Sam Locricchio, another Lincoln spokesman, said in an e-mail.

“More bodies and more resources dedicated solely to Lincoln is always the goal to get the brand where it needs to be.”