Ford Racing introducing ECU Tune for EcoBoost engines image

Some performance cars produced by Ford will now become even more powerful thanks to an ECU tune made available by Ford Performance.

Owners of the Ford Focus ST, Ford Fiesta ST or Ford Mustang EcoBoost, who would like to squeeze out more power out of their vehicles’ engines in a “controlled environment” will be glad to find out that they will be able to order soon an ECU tune signed by Ford Racing. The new ProCal programming handset, which has nothing in common with the previous one available for the last-gen Mustang and F-150, is offered as a stand-alone upgrade which will set you back for 595 USD.

The calibrations have been apparently programmed for the Fiesta ST and for the Focus ST and work is currently made on programming the new Mustang EcoBoost. The calibration should be ready by late 2015 but we have no clue at this time how much this will squeeze out of the 2.3 liter four-cylinder engine which, in standard form, is rated at 305 HP (227 kW) and 406 Nm (300 lb-ft) of torque. In the Focus ST, the result is 90 lb-ft more than the standard one. More details on these upgrades will become available soon.