Ford Ranger gets mini-Raptor treatment thanks to M-Sport image

The midsize pickup truck is a best-seller in Europe, so naturally there are players on the aftermarket scene that will have a vested interest in delivering upgrade packs.

For example we have M-Sport, which turns the Ranger into a smaller version of the mighty American F-150 Raptor. The details are rather scarce at the moment, so we’re not really sure if the visual tweaks are matched by a beefed up powertrain. But we do know that unlike the meaty F-150 Raptor, the Ranger makes do with a less thirsty engine – 3.2-liter TDCi comes standard with 200 horsepower (149 kilowatts) and a throbbing 347 pound-feet (470 Newton meters). M-Sport has remained mysterious and declined to specify whether the five-cylinder unit has been upgraded for even more oomph, but we can clearly see the sportier exhaust system with dual tips that should at least deliver an enhanced soundtrack.

Ford Ranger gets mini-Raptor treatment thanks to M-Sport 1

This 4×4 double cab pickup also packs a Pedders suspension sport pack and comes with 18-inch alloys with a matte black finish to link the design to the other black plastic elements. Numerous body parts now have a matte black finish and up front the grille has been stuffed with a set of Lazer lights. The cabin gains a bespoke leather upholstery and a sports steering wheel, along with tinted rear windows and more leather here and there for a premium look. The Ranger M-Sport is part of the series of models that will get treated to such reworks – and we already made our acquaintance with Block’s customized Transit van.