The second largest US automaker has recently tipped its strategy course regarding the SUV/crossover segment, stating they aim to introduce four new nameplates by 2020.

Ford appears to be confident the segment’s incredible boom will be here to stay so it’s aiming to solidify its presence in the near future by introducing another four new nameplates for vehicles with higher ground clearance. We’re not really sure if there will be exactly four new vehicles that see the light of day before the turn of the decade because the term “nameplate” might conceal a subtle move – one new model could be sold in two regions with two different monikers (take the example of the compact Kuga and Escape duet). More interesting is the fact that Ford says the models would be introduced in segments that are currently unoccupied by any of its models.

Ford also said their estimates point towards an increase of SUV deliveries during the next few years, especially at home in the United States where the interest in the sector keeps growing. Ford also depicted the conditions with the generations now making up most of the customer base: baby boomers are staying with or returning to SUVs while the millennials are now looking to start their family and will consider SUVs and crossovers as perfect family cars. Ford also pointed out its latest family of engines have been highly fuel-efficient so customers will continue to buy SUVs even if the gas prices will return to higher levels in the future.



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