Ford Reduces 2014 Focus EV Price by 10% image

Ford said it will cut the price by 10% for the 2014 Focus Electric compact car, another EV price cut done by automakers to increase sales.

Ford’s 2014 Focus Electric will hit dealerships in the following weeks, with a base price if $35, 200, according to the automaker’s spokeswoman Amanda Zusman. This price is the final one after the 10% cut or $4,000 from the initial price of $39,200 of the 2013 model. The new price does not include the government taxes and other charges and it will keep the electric passenger car a tough competitor in the market.

The model was launched last year and since then Ford has manufactured 2,517 Focus EVs and sold around 1,593 units. In the first half of this year the automaker sold 900 Focus EVs. GM and Nissan have also started to make their plug-in and electric vehicles more affordable, as automakers continue to bring new models into the segment.

In June, GM announced it will give incentives for the Chevrolet Volt plug-in of up to $5,000. The price of the model starts at $40,000 without federal and state tax credits. This year Nissan has also reduced the price for the 2013 Leaf electric vehicle in the US by more than $6,000, reaching a start price of under $30,000.

Source: Reuters