Ford Relies on the MKZ to Increase Lincoln’s Sales image

Ford said that Lincoln’s sales will improve as the automaker will ship its new MKZ through a second plant.

This month Ford’s Hermosillo plant in Mexico began shipping MKZ sedans directly to dealers, according to Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas. The US automaker has been sending several MKZ vehicles to its Michigan plant for more quality inspections and to be equipped with the missing parts.

“The sales have been increasing, especially over the last week or so, as the inventories have improved,” said Hinrichs. “We’ll be certainly at normal levels in April. You’ll see a more normal sales rate of the MKZ starting in April.”

In January and February, Lincoln’s sales dropped 25% in the US, but Ford relies on the new MKZ to bring sales back on the track. The new model features an optional retractable glass roof and a chrome grille inspired by eagle wings, changes which are expected to attract more customers for the luxury brand.

“We’ve had some significant part availability shortcomings,” Hinrichs said today, referring to the MKZ’s introduction. “That’s starting to flow. Especially after Easter, we expect that to be pretty well shored up.”