Ford resumes Fiesta shipments image

Ford temporarily halted shipments of Fiestas from its Mexico factory in the past week due to a faulty part, compounding an inventory shortage for the new small car and further complicating a key vehicle introduction.

The car represents the first test of Ford’s global vehicle production strategy in its home market and the automaker’s push back into a segment of the US market long dominated by Japanese automakers.

However, just hours ago, Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields said that Ford has resumed shipping the Fiesta to U.S. dealers and does not believe that any of the vehicles with potential defects had been sold to consumers.

“In our normal approach, which is to make sure that we have really robust processes and normal quality operating procedure at the plant, we did find a part quality issue,” Fields told reporters. “We’ve addressed it.”

Source: Autonews [sub req]