Ford Retires the Falcon From Australia in 2016 image

Ford will eliminate 1, 200 jobs in Australia when it will end manufacturing here in 2016, but also to retire the Falcon.

After Ford announced it will end auto production in Australia in 2016, eliminating 1,200 jobs, now it said it will also retire the Falcon, a vehicle exclusively manufactured in this country for decades now and the envy of some US fans of rear-wheel drive cars.

“The Falcon name is inextricably linked to Australia and being produced here,” Bob Graziano, president and CEO of Ford Australia, told journalists in Australia, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. “We will retire that name when we retire that vehicle (in 2016).”

As Ford has seen its sales drop in Australia and after it lost $581 million in the region in the past five years, the automaker decided to close the plant which builds the full-size Falcon and an engine plant in 2016. The Falcon was also sold in the US until the 1970s, but the small version did not have the expected success. Two decades ago Ford created the Falcon Ute SUV, manufactured only in Australia. Since 2011 Ford sold only 20,000 Falcons annually, as sales in the region have dropped sharply.

Source: The Detroit News