Ford Reveals Cost of Battery Packs Between $12,000 and $15,000 Each image

Monday, April 16th, Ford Motor Co. Chief Executive Alan Mulally revealed the costs for Focus electric battery packs: $12,000 and $15,000 a piece.

“They’re around $12,000 to $15,000 [a battery]” for a type of car that normally sells for about $22,000, he continued, referring to the price of a gasoline-powered Focus. “So, you can see why the economics are what they are.”

Currently the company is promoting its $39,200 Focus EV, with a 23 kilowatt-hour battery pack, at events around the U.S. in the past years automakers have been reluctant to disclose the price per kilowatt hour, but analysts made projections that battery costs are between $500 and $1,000 per kilowatt-hour. Ford appears to pay between $522 and $650 a kilowatt-hour for its electric-vehicle batteries.

The U.S. Department of Energy tries to lower the cost of batteries to $300 a kilowatt-hour by 2013, as part of its efforts to help promote plug-in hybrid- and fully-electric vehicles.

“When you move into an all-electric vehicle, the battery size moves up to around 23 kilowatt hours, [and] it weighs around 600 to 700 pounds,” Mr. Mulally said.