Ford S-Max might get B-Max-like doors image

Ford is planning to offer the future generation of the S-Max with doors inspired from the smaller B-Max, without the B pillar.

After the all-new Ford B-Max was officially presented to the public in a world premiere during the 2012 Geneva Motor Show in March, the model is entering our news one more time, but we are now interested in just a small part of it, and it includes the vehicle’s doors. According to, the doors found on the B-Max might be applied onto the future generation of the Ford S-Max too, once the model will hit the market in 2014.

“It depends on the customer reaction to the doors on the B-Max, but we could use it on other future MAVs”, as Klaus Peter Tamm, the B-Max chief project engineer, told the source mentioned above. “It might be too late for the next S-Max as that’s based on the new Mondeo, and customers of that size of the car would expect them to be powered too. But it certainly could be done.”

As a quick reminder, the Ford B-Max doesn’t have a regular B Pillar and this has been integrated into the rear doors. This is actually offering five times more resistance without adding extra weight to the car, besides the increased access to the car in narrow spaces. The front seatbelts of the model have been integrated into the seats and this gives it a sporty touch.