Ford Sales Increase in February image

Although the gas price is rising again, Ford Focus sales are on their way to double in February compared to 2011, since more customers opt for Ford’s fuel-efficient, well-equipped compact car to meet their vehicle needs.

The fact that gas price is rising has made customers opt for smaller, fuel-efficient cars. Erich Merkle, Ford Sales Analyst, declared that small cars represent almost 23% of industry sales for February, a figure atypically high.

“Twenty-three percent is in line with results that we saw in March and April of last year when gas prices spiked,” said Merkle. “Rising gas prices are once again having an impact on consumers and the type of vehicle they’re looking to purchase.”

In February Ford sales are expected to surpass 20,000 units, translating in the best February sales month for Focus in the last 10 years. This number owes to the fact that Ford has the ability to adapt to the consumer’s demand for all types of vehicles , from small cars to pickup trucks.

“With Focus you’re getting fuel efficiency of 40 mpg plus performance and exceptional features,” he said. “So if you do step down to a smaller car, you can still get all the great amenities you’ve come to expect in your vehicle. You don’t have to suffer a penalty.”