Ford says all-new aluminum F-150 not delayed image

Following a Morgan Stanley assessment that moving from the steel production lines to the new manufacturing requirements for aluminum may prove difficult for the automaker, Ford has moved to refute the predicted delays.

The all new aluminum bodied F-150 model changeover, slated to be introduced later this years seems to be on track, that is at least what Ford Motor Co. officials are claiming. The company has previously reported it would lose production of around 90,000 units of the current F-Series trucks as it allows for the model changeover.

“Everything is on schedule and everything is going as planned” with the F-150 introduction, said Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas. “I’m very confident in this vehicle,” he added.

To meet ever more stringent fuel consumption and emission requirements, Ford has opted to introduce into the production of its best-selling North American truck – the F-150 – military grade aluminum, which should reduce the model’s weight by as much as 700 pounds (318 kilograms).

For the new generation changeover, the No.2 Us automaker has begun the retooling procedure for two of its manufacturing facilities – which are an integral part of the planned production facility expansion that would see the addition of 16 new plants in North America.

Via Bloomberg