Ford Says China Should Increase Number of EVs as Traffic Worsens image

Bill Ford, Ford’s executive chairman said that China should consider increasing the number of electric cars as the cities become increasingly crowded.

Bill ford said that in the following 20 years almost 350 million people will move into China’s cities, threatening traffic and air quality. According to him, the only solution to avoid these issues is to increase the number of electric cars and introduce new technologies to help motorists avoid traffic and find parking spots easier.

“Unless we change something, we’re going to run into a huge problem of moving people in the major cities around the world, particularly in China,” said Ford, who spoke at a ceremony handing out grants to conservation groups. “I was in Beijing yesterday and the air quality wasn’t what I would consider great.”

World Bank estimates that China is the home for 16 of the total of 20 most polluted cities and expects the country to miss its target of 5 million electric vehicles by 2020, as these cars are quite expensive and also lack infrastructure. The official Xinhua News Agency reported in July that China’s cars will surpass 200 million by 2020, if there is intelligent traffic management.