Ford Says Its Interceptor SUV Is the Top Police Vehicle in the US image

US automaker Ford, which had previously stated that its police version of the Explorer SUV is without doubt the most popular police car in the US, says that now it has the numbers to prove it.

In 2013 Ford sold no less than 14,086 units of its Interceptor SUV, the police version of the Explorer, bringing a sales increase of 140% compared to 2012. The US carmaker has also sold 10,897 Taurus vehicles, designed for police work, an increase of 31% from the previous year. The two models account for almost 50% of all police cars sold among major automakers such as Dodge and Chevrolet.

According to data and research made by industry statisticians R.L. Polk, last year, the industry increased by 22%. Taurus has as rivals in the police sedan market, the Chevrolet Caprice and the Dodge Charger. Last month, General Motors announced a new Chevrolet SUV which will compete against the Explorer. All these automaker are trying to take the place Ford left when it announced its decision to end production of its CrownVictoria sedan, which has been the top choice for the US police agencies for years.

Still, Ford  believes it has is has won ground in three ways: its Interceptor SUV has more space for the police equipment, almost 90% of the Interceptors come with standard all-wheel drive and the model comes with more turbocharged engine options.

“Many officers told us, ‘We need more space, but we also need performance’,” said Ford.

“We knew with the amount of equipment officers now have to transport that our utility vehicle would be a hit.”