Ford says new car will be premiered at Mobile World Congress image

Ford is led by a rather young CEO and President – Mark Fields – and the top brass seems now in tune with the latest developments in the technology world.

We recently told you the Blue Oval company has decided this year to skip an appearance during the timing and all sorts of other motifs. But instead the second largest US automaker has expanded its presence at technology fairs – the January Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and now the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the European region will be granted an all new vehicle bearing the famous logo. Ford President and CEO Mark Fields is again (just like at CES) a keynote speaker, making an appearance on February 22. By the way, if you didn’t know, this is the fifth straight participation for the automaker at MWC and the company has said it will use the year’s edition to showcase its latest developments in mobility, connectivity, customer experience, autonomous vehicles and data and analytics.

The rumor mill is now swirling with information regarding the MWC, but Ford itself has clarified what it wants to deliver: new in-car technology, outline the latest Ford Smart Mobility developments, announce the winners of the Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge and introduce a new vehicle. We’re actually betting it will be the all-new generation of the Ka microcar, which is expected to switch to the five-door hatchback form.