Ford seeks improvements in its in-car technology image

According to Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s president of the Americas, the company is currently making much needed progress with its in-car technology entertainment systems, especially the functionality of MyFord Touch.

While many buyers today are seeking improved functionality and connectivity for their cars, aiming to maintain a high level of smartphone- car relation, early entertainment systems – like some versions of Ford’s MyFord Touch systems were met with universal customer critics.

Surveys conducted by J.D. Power & Associates and Consumer Reports, among others, revealed buyers fret the system, citing many malfunctions hit the system or the touch screens.

“We want to be industry leading and we’re not yet,” Hinrichs said, adding that today the MyFord Touch system has “dramatically improved”.

Ford, which is the second largest US automaker, sees in-car technology such as MyFord Touch and Sync as crucial to improving its sales, as buyers seek to be always connected in their car. A study made by consulting firm Accenture and released last December for example, sees such car tech the main selling point for 39 % of auto shoppers, while only 14% stick to the traditional performance measurements – like speed or power. Also, the company said it views the quality of its cars as “mixed” over the course of the last three years and even came up short of the plan of improvement in 2013.

Via Bloomberg