Ford Sees Sales Increase Thank to Its SYNC and MyFord Touch image

Ford’s MyFord Touch system attracts more customers compared with its competitors as buyers are satisfied with the vehicle quality.

MyFord Touch touch screen technologies and Ford SYNC voice-controlled connectivity are currently sold in 79% of the new 2013 Ford models, double the number compared with Honda and Toyota’s vehicle infotainment systems and an increase of 68% compared with last year, including the 55% rise of MyFord Touch.

“We are committed to listening to our customers and improving MyFord Touch to keep drawing in new customers and increasing satisfaction with even higher quality,” said Ford.

SYNC was launched in 2007, while MyFord Touch hit the market in 2010, but they both offer Ford a competitive advantage as more customers choose to have the systems in their vehicles. Almost 53% of the 2013 Ford Escape owners said that the main reason for choosing this model was the touch screen option.

“Ford has launched 60 new technologies the past few years and they are helping attract many new customers in important markets such as the coasts,” says Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development. “SYNC and MyFord Touch are key parts of our innovation strategy, and not only bring more new customers to our brand, but help deliver higher satisfaction with overall vehicle quality.”