Report – Ford Shareholders will have to hold their nerves for one more year image

Ford Shareholders are having the mixed news which may bring tears of joy in one eye and the plane tears in other!!

The recently held meeting of shareholders of Ford had successful performance as the company presented the progress of the company and also the hurdles that are bothering to the company. There were many of the “goodies” and “oddies” for the shareholders. Here are some of the highlighted features of the meeting that has set a landmark for Ford Autonomy.

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The “Goodies”
There were many of the goodies offered to the shareholders despite of the worst year for automotive industries, 2009. There was complete kiosk for many of the Company like GM but Ford has not only recovered from that undesired and unbearable phase but also has started making profit. This was the news that made the shareholders quite cheerful and optimist of getting some good returns on their funds. The Company also stated that they have overcome not only the taxpayer bailout but also have achieved consecutive four profit making quarters which can be considered as miracle in this economical scenario. The stock price of the company has also been doubled and the company is expecting all the goodies and profitable years ahead and also committed many pleasures and cheers to the shareholders.
The “Oddies”
Besides all these news that are worth for celebration, there was news that made all the shareholders stunned and dumb. The Ford directors asked the shareholders to support further and to wait for rewards for some more period upto 2011 as the company will take some more time to recover and to make money. The lat year was just like a “sudden death” round in which almost all of the automotive companies were collapsed and the entire business world felt an earth quake with many of the aftershocks!! Also the company is having many of the issues in front of the Chairman Bill Ford like higher debt levels and pay of higher executives. These issues are just like the “danger zone” for the company as if they are not recovered or focused; they are capable to eat out all the profits and revenues of the company alongwith the dreams of shareholders.
Thus, the annual meeting of Ford Motor Company has produced some good hopes for the future and plain hands for present. But, the progress of the company and even the profit making in such depressed situation of Recession could well be an indication towards end of the Recession.