Ford Shifts Production of the 2-Liter “EcoBoost” Engine to Cleveland from Spain image

Ford transfers production of its four-cylinder, 2-Liter “EcoBoost” engine to Cleveland from Spain, due to increased demand in this market.

By the end of this week Ford is exected to make public its plan to transfer production of its four-cylinder, 2-Liter “EcoBoost” engine to its plant in Rook Park, Ohio, where the company will invest $200 million. This move will add around 450 new jobs at the plant, which currently has 1,300 salaried and hourly employees and produces two larger six-cylinder engines.

Ford and other automakers are also beginning to focus on the four-cylinder turbocharged motors to be able to comply with the strict US fuel economy rules and the increased pump prices. The US government requested that by 2025 all new vehicles to have an average 54.5 miles per gallon, which would be twice the current 27 mpg.

The 2-Liter EcoBoost engine is currently manufactured in alencia, Spain, and sent to the US market where demand continues to increase. More and more customers choose this type of engine as is offers better gas mileage compared with the six-cylinder engines, and they also have turbochargers offering them more power if needed.

“If we get this motor, it’s just going to be huge for any facility,” said Mike Gammella, president of the UAW at the Cleveland Engine Plant. “It’s going to be a high-volume motor and it’s going to be a very major part of anyone’s product line for the next 15 to 20 years.”