Ford showcases Mustang tech image

In just a few months, Ford will celebrate the Mustang’s 50th anniversary and it wants its 2015 model to look the best, from design to technology.

Besides the usual and expected design update, the Mustang is swelling with important technological improvements, as Ford prepares it to become a true global car – better aerodynamics, improved fuel economy, a newer and stiffer body and platform, a bigger trunk and even a significantly faster and easier-to-operate convertible top.

While Ford still opted out of the switch free automatic top offered by all automakers today, it still improved the operability by going with a single, center mounted top latch – and alongside other improvements the company says it would cut in half the time it needed the previous generation.

“With the new Mustang, we spent about twice as much time running aerodynamic simulations and doing wind tunnel tests than the previous Mustang,” explained Carl Widmann, aerodynamics-engineering manager. “Major advances in our computational fluid dynamics capability let us test the effect of design changes and give feedback to the studio in less than 48 hours so they had more opportunity to try out different styling ideas.”

“We worked closely with the vehicle dynamics engineers that are tuning the chassis to make sure our experimental results for lift correspond to what they feel on the car when driving at the track,” said Widmann. “They provided us with some great feedback that we incorporated into our efforts in the tunnel, and the results are definitely noticeable when driving at high speeds.”

For the new 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, Ford even went as far as adopting the Focus active grille shutters – which control the air flow delivered to the engine, factoring the engine needs and the fuel economy needs. It even went on to more subtle changes, like moving the external mirrors to the doors – reducing the air vortex, cutting drag and interior noise in the process.