Ford start to build new Ford KA image

The new Ka will be build in Poland at Tychy and will be avaliable for sales early next year.
The new Ka is the result of a joint vehicle development and production co-operation agreement between Ford and Fiat.

It was three years ago that we reached agreement with Fiat to produce the new Ka here in Tychy,” explained Ian Slater, vice-president communications and public affairs, Ford of Europe. “One of the strengths of this co-operation has been that both parties wanted to produce vehicles which would be very different in looks and character. I’m satisfied that in doing so, we’ve set up a ‘win-win’ opportunity for both companies.

Also, the introduction of the Ka to Tychy has resulted in 1,000 extra jobs being created in the plant and many more among locally-based suppliers.

The car will be avaliable for viewers at Paris Motor Show.