Ford stops Romanian production again image

The American automaker will stop car production output of the B-Max model made at its Romanian factory for 13 days in November, the third straight month of production line idling at the plant triggered by continued weak European demand.

Ford, the No. 2 Us automaker, which took over the financially troubled carmaker Automobile Craiova back in 2008, started local production of its B-Max model there last year. It now produces roughly 370 cars a day, while the facility also builds around 1,000 engines – mostly of the award-winning 1-liter capacity – for several models.

“We will stop car production for 13 days and engine production for eight days in November,” said Ford Romania spokeswoman Ana-Maria Timis. “The eight-day stoppage in engine production is caused by low demand for vehicles and overlaps with the period of suspension of car production.”

Ford had also idled its car output (but not the engine one) in September and October because the European markets continue to be hit by the weakening demand that led to an almost six year low. Ford Romania now employs around 4,000 people at the assembly facility and almost all of them will be affected by the production halt. They will be endorsed with 80 % of their wages during the stoppage.

Via Reuters