Ford Stores with new Vignale Lounge to promote Ford’s idea of premium cars image

Taking a page out of Aplle’s book, Ford Motor has decided to revamp a big chunk of its dealership network to increase sales and cater for its brand image. The US automaker is actually just the latest in the industry to get inspired by the technology giant.

The company will move to “refresh” 500 dealerships, especially in the Northern part of Europe, to be renamed as “Ford Stores.” Besides the rebranding process, the new sales locations will also be unique, featuring for the first time the new Vignale premium line – to be launched sometime next year.

“The Ford Store is where the Ford brand will express itself at its best,” says Ford of Europe Marketing Vice President Gaetano Thorel. “You won’t have to open a door. It’s an area that is open and accessible in line with our DNA,” he adds, talking about the Vignale Lounge. “In the lounge the type of sofa, the design of the table, the lamp, type of leather, the type of metal alloy — all elements are inspired by the product.”

The new Ford Store locations (a tagline inspired by the Apple Store, just like it was the case with sales points of BMW or Tesla) will not be alone, as Ford of Europe will have a wider makeover of at least 2,000 dealerships. According to Ford of Europe President Stephen Odell, the wide refresh will be completed before 2016.

Via Automotive News Europe