Ford Sued for Delay in Solving Unintended Acceleration Issue in the US image

According to a recent lawsuit Ford could have prevented the unintended acceleration issues in the US as early as 2005.

A lawsuit filed several days ago in West Virginia against Ford, says that the automaker began in 2005 to fit its vehicles in Europe with electronic systems aimed at preventing unintended acceleration, but waited 5 more years to do so in the US. The complaint claims that the company was aware of the unintended accelerations issue in its vehicles sold in the States but concealed it from buyers.

Although auto experts claim that unintended acceleration is usually due to driver error, safety advocates say that the issue tends to occur more often when car makers adopt electronic throttle control. This has been the case at Ford and Toyota which has recalled in 2009 and 2010 millions of vehicles and had to pay record fines due to the unintended acceleration issue.

“Ford could have equipped the Ford vehicles with a fail-safe,” the suit alleged. “Ford began installing the brake-over-accelerator, one type of driver-controlled fail-safe, in certain Ford vehicles that it manufactured for the European market as far back as 2005. Yet, despite its knowledge of the problem and the availability of this remedy, Ford failed to take any steps to resolve this problem in North America.”