Ford Sued For Hiding Truck Fuel Tank Defect image

Recently, Ford Motor has been sued for selling trucks with defective fuel tank linings over a 10-year period, hiding the issue from consumers.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday, March 14th, in a New Jersey federal court, and it stated that fuel tank linings on 10 E- and F-series truck models made between 1999 and 2008 would “separate and flake off”, clogging fuel systems with debris and rust, causing a sudden loss of engine power, and potentially causing vehicles to buck or kick or suddenly stall.

In 2007 Ford issued a private technical service bulletin to dealers advising them of the problem, but neither recalled the affected trucks nor offered to repair them for free. Thousands of drivers may have experienced the defect. It’s worth mentioning the fact that the F-series pickup is the best-selling U.S. car or truck, while the E-Series is a truck-based full-size van. Ford spokeswoman Marcey Evans Zwiebe refused to comment.

The complaint seeks class-action status on behalf of the vehicle owners, and alleges breach of warranty, fraud, and unjust enrichment among other charges. The plaintiffs are Chester, New Jersey-based Coba Landscaping and Construction Inc and its principal Galo Coba.

  • fordLCF

    This article failed to mention the FORD LCF (cab chassis) that has the same fuel tank issues. It has been dangerous for us with these trucks on the road. We recently had one suffer from full power failure while on the road at freeway speeds. Luckily the driver pulled on to the shoulder safely without incident. Another one of our LCFs does not start, while another one is belting out a cloud of exhaust from the tail pipe. All these issues have been related to the poor fuel tank lining. Ford has refused to fix the problem and has left us to fend for ourselves. We own 3 Ford LCFs and now have hired an attorney to remedy the situation with these 3 trucks.


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