Ford Sued for Stealing Technology of the F-150 Fuel Injection System image

Ford was sued for stealing a patent for a fuel-injection system it uses for the F-150 truck.

The federal complaint was made on Thursday, August 30th, and it states that TMC Fuel Injection System LLC of Wayne, Pennsylvania is the owner of the patent since January 2008. The fuel-injection system features a fuel flow process that cuts exhaust emissions, improves fuel economy and reduces idle speed. The system was invented in 2002 by Shou Hou, a Harvard University-trained engineer hired by TMC. Over the years he talked with Ford several times for the possible licensing of the technology to the car maker.

In August 2008 Ford refused licensing the technology but started to include it in its F-150 model. TMC accused the automaker of “willful and deliberate” infringement, requesting a halt to any infringement and triple compensatory damages. Ford’s F-150 trucks are currently the best-selling vehicle in the US, with 350,455 units sold from January to July, up 44% than Toyota Camry which is on the second place and with 57% more than the Chevrolet Silverado-C/K, F-150’s main rival.

Ford declined to comment and only said that the company has just learned about the lawsuit. The case was filed with the U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.