Ford Sued For Vehicles Vulnerable to Unintended Acceleration image

Yesterday, March 28th, 20 customers sued Ford seeking compensation for vehicles vulnerable to unintended acceleration, more than 10 years ago.

The lawsuit was filed in a West Virginia federal court and alleges that more than 30 vehicles fitted with electronic throttle control system were not equipped with reliable safety systems, such as a brake override system. The 30 vehicles involved in the lawsuit were Mercury, Ford and Lincoln cars built from 2002 to 2010 and several 2004-2010 Ford F-Series pick-up trucks, which is the best-selling vehicles in the US, the 2005-2009 Lincoln Town Car and the 2002-2005 Mercury Cougar.

“They’re trying to be compensated for their economic losses by having overpaid for cars that contained defects,” said Adam Levitt, a partner at Grant & Eisenhofer and head of the law firm’s consumer practice group. “Had they and the other class members been aware of these defects, they either wouldn’t have bought the cars or would have paid a lot less for them.”

Beginning with 2010 Ford started to fit some of its North American models with a brake override system. The automaker said that the unintended acceleration events might also be caused, in rare situations, by broken mechanical components or floor mats which could interfere with proper throttle operation.