Ford sued over fuel injection patent infringement in the F-150 pickup truck image

TMC Fuel Injection Systems LLC filed a lawsuit in Philadelphia claiming that Ford Motor Company infringed its patent regarding a fuel injection technology.

The technology in question allegedly improves performance while cutting fuel consumption by up to 35 percent.

According to the complaint quoted by Bloomberg, the technology addresses performance and fuel waste by increasing the fuel injection dynamic range. The system offers fuel savings of as much as 35 percent in city driving and also delivers a power boost option for acceleration.

The patent was filed in 2002 by Shou L. Hou, a Harvard graduate with an engineering degree, two years before he was approached by Ford about licensing his invention. In 2008 Ford gave up on the idea and said to Mr. Hou they had no further interest in obtaining the license.

However, TMC Fuel Injection Systems LLC claims Ford deliberately infringed the patent and is seeking financial compensation for damages caused, as well as the discontinuation of the technology in Ford F-150 vehicles.

In 2009, Ford introduced the EcoBoost technology, which uses direct fuel injection and turbocharging to reduce fuel consumption. A Ford spokesman said the company only just heard about the lawsuit and has no comment for the time being.