A Ford Super Duty prototype has just met its end while it was being tested out after catching fire, burning, exploding and melting down.

You don’t have to be a supercar owner to enjoy the wonders of spontaneous combustion as two engineers from Ford have found out the hard way. The Super Duty prototype has been completely destroyed after suddenly catching fire. The news doesn’t stop here as the test mule has also exploded and eventually melted down. The good news is that the two engineers got out in time and no one was injured, the bad news is that the same cannot be said on the prototype.

The images posted below, which have been provided by our spy photographers, have been taken over a time period of just 21 minutes. This is all this prototype needed to go from being “normal” to being completely destroyed. From the moment the fire began, the Ford Super Duty has been fully engulfed in 3 minutes. We are not sure what exactly has happened but Ford will definitely look into this incident to make sure that the problem is solved. The new Ford Super Duty will start production in March, 2016.


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