Ford teases the 2017 Focus Electric, complete with new DC fast-charge amenity image

The second largest automaker has recently unveiled the first teaser with the 2017 Focus Electric, though the biggest novelty won’t be the changes to the model, but rather the all-new DC fast-charge system.

The carmaker has decided to pour around $4.5 billion in electric vehicle support by 2020 even though the segment has not been very popular especially during the recent times when the petrol price has gone to historic lows and kept gasoline pretty much plain cheap. Ford is nevertheless undeterred and will introduce across the model lineup no less than 13 electric vehicles by the turn of the decade. Anyways it all starts with the new Focus Electric which is also sporting a brand new DC fast-charge system – this will enable drivers to reach an 80 percent battery capacity within just 30 minutes or so. The quick charge will deliver a travel range of about 100 miles (160 km) on electricity. The teaser picture featuring the Focus Electric and its DC fast-charge system also tipped the model will reach production status late next year and we can also tell you the availability of the model will span both North America and Europe.

Aside from the quick charge system, the Focus Electric is also equipped with a SmartGauge complete with EcoGuide LCD Instrument Cluster, with the automaker saying the latter will deliver a “multitude of customizable displays” that can assist drivers in overseeing the energy use and driving habits. Also available will be the Brake Coach that will help the driver max out the energy capture while using the car’s Regenerative Braking System.