Ford tells us it has topped the Top 10 sports chart in the UK image

While many spelled the demise of the segment altogether due to the increasingly harsher emissions regulations all over the world, it appears the sports car segment is one of the quickest to grow on the European market after the first half of the year.

According to JATO Dynamics, total registrations jumped no less than 31 percent to about 70,000 vehicles during the first six months. That’s reason to celebrate for Ford, which has announced that following the German market dominance in March, the Ford Mustang has now become the top selling high performance car with 250 horsepower (184 kilowatts) or more in the United Kingdom. The Blue Oval’s muscle car is for the first time ever sold in a right-hand drive version – which makes the achievement all the while more impressive. Ford said the 2,317 registrations in the country until now “put the Mustang comfortably at the top of the table against rivals, the closest being the Jaguar F-Type with 1,446.”

Meanwhile in Europe the Mustang slots into the third position – reaching 9,231 deliveries, trumped by the Audi TT in first place with 12,479 units and seconded by Porsche’s classic 911 series that had 9,538 sales. We may also remember that last year the Mustang was the best-seller in the segment across the world, with around 110,000 deliveries – the only sporty coupe in the world to go above the 100,000 units threshold and “far and away the best-selling two-door sports car in the world,” according to the company.

Via Ford and JATO Dynamics