Ford thinks connected smart cars and infrastructure will alleviate jams image

Traffic jams have probably been invented way before automobiles, but according to the Blue Oval we might finally have a solution in sight with the dawn of connected cars and smart infrastructure.

According to a recent video of the company, which tries to explain how a world could tone down on its traffic jam issues, humans are to blame for their own mess – where did we hear that before?! At the wheel, human drivers slow down, tap the brakes, and change lanes mindlessly in a bid to escape the traffic’s death grip – all without success, of course. Ford’s first suggestion is to simply take the human out of the driving equation altogether. Smart, connected and autonomous cars will be able to alleviate congestion by simply keeping a more consistent speed – and all of them will know what the others are doing so they’ll be able to maintain a better flow of traffic.

In addition, our urban surroundings need to change and update with the latest technology to keep up the pace – with completely autonomous intersection, which could drop traffic lights. Cars would “discuss” among themselves when to pass, based on traffic flow. No need to be a scientist to know such changes aren’t possible in the blink of an eye – just having everyone go about their business in a connected, fully autonomous car will take decades, most likely.

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