Ford to begin European autonomous testing in 2017 image

The US automaker is keen to bring its autonomous progress to Europe, where it will kick off a testing program of driverless cars next year.

The trial is actually having a very specific issue – resolve the troubles of making a self-driving car function the same when crossing international borders. Road layouts, signage and traffic codes can actually vary by a mile in Europe depending on each specific country – so a system that understands these modifications and can adjust accordingly when the border is crossed will be crucial in the future. Ford has been testing its own suite of autonomous driving technology at home in the US for quite some time – as the company seeks to retain its influence and be a leader in the emerging connectivity, mobility, and autonomous sectors.

Not long ago, the automaker said it will introduce a fully autonomous car for a car-sharing service by 2021 – described as featuring Level 4 autonomy, which is according to the Society of Automotive Engineers a vehicle that won’t need a steering wheel or pedals. An autonomous car will also be offered to the general public starting 2025. The fleet of autonomous test cars has also broken a few milestones – first night drive and first snow drive. “People are really beginning to think about exactly what autonomous vehicles could mean to their day-to-day lives. Many of us neglect time for ourselves and for our loved ones in the face of other demands. Self-driving car will revolutionize the way we live, as well as the way we travel,” commented Ford of Europe automated driving manager, Thomas Lukaszewicz.