Ford to Close the Southampton Plant, in England image

Ford is expected to announce today, October 25th, the closing of the Southampton plant, in southern England.

It seems that closing the Genk plant, in Belgium, wasn’t enough for Ford to stem European losses. Now the company is expected to announce the closing of its last vehicle manufacturing plant in the UK, the Southampton plant, which employs about 500 people. Workers at the facility, which has a history of more than 100 years, said that they new the plant will eventually close after the shift patterns changed in 2008.

“It’s a kick in the teeth for the workers – what else have you got in Hampshire now? It’s a devastating blow for local engineering, it won’t be just 500 people [losing their jobs] it will cut across thousands, it’s a bad day for Hampshire,” said Kevin Hayes, a plant worker.

Councillor Keith House, Lib Dem leader of Eastleigh Borough Council, said that Ford’s decision to close the plant, means the end of more than a century vehicle manufacturing and that the automaker should meet its obligations to support its workers into new employment.

“The faltering European economy has hit Transit sales hard. That’s not the fault of Southampton employees.”