Ford to introduce Stop-Start fuel saving technology image

Ford says it will begin rolling out its start-stop system, already in use on several models in Europe, on some 2012 North American cars and light trucks with four-cylinder engines.

n 2012, the feature will also be added to non-hybrid vehicles in North America. It will be available on manual and automatic transmission gasoline-powered cars, as well as Ford’s dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission vehicles.

The technology is simple. When the car stops the engine stops. On-board energy storage keeps the car’s electrical system working for functions such as heating and lights. When the driver puts a foot on the accelerator, the engine turns back on. The on-board battery is charged when the driver slows downs and helps move the car from idle.

Ford says that the system can cut fuel use by as much as 10 percent.

Ford plans on introducing Auto Stop-Start Technology into every country in which they operate. In Europe, the technology is already in place in different models.

[via CNET]

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    Sounds like a great technology. Sounds like Ford is coming up with new innovations all the time like Sync and now this… My only fear is that I would be afraid that the engine wouldn't start again. That would be the worst if you were at a red light, the engine stopped, and then wouldn't start again once you pressed the gas. However, I'm sure what they are doing and have thought of every thing that could possibly go wrong and addressed that thoroughly.