Ford to launch five electric models by 2013 image

Ford announced that it will launch five electric models by 2013: battery-electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ford has moved incrementally to improve fuel efficiency and offer new technologies since it sees those offerings as a way to win over customers and differentiate itself from other auto makers.

The company will begin by offering zero-emission Transit Connect Electric in 2011, followed by Focus Electric in 2012. The Focus Electric, which will be based on Ford’s next-generation Focus model, is expected to be introduced in the U.S. and Canada in 2011. Meanwhile, Ford will offer two new hybrid-electric models and a plug-in hybrid-electric model in Europe in 2013.
Further details of Ford’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid models are expected to be revealed closer to launch.

John Fleming, Chairman and CEO, Ford of Europe said: “Our goal is to provide consumers with access to significant fuel economy improvements and reduced CO2 emissions to meet their functional needs and without compromising their driving experience.”

The new Ford electric models are part of Ford’s global electric vehicles plan which aims to make full-electric vehicles available to everyone and will offer consumers the widest possible range of technology solutions.