Ford to launch redesigned Lincoln MKZ in 2013 image

For future, a series of vehicles are getting prepared by various automakers. Likewise, Lincoln MKZ is also set to receive a redesigned look and will be presented in 2013.

As of report, Ford has asked to spend minimum $1 million to its Lincoln dealers for the renovation of showrooms within the coming two years. Following that if those dealers are not ready to invest in renovation plans or if they don’t invest, then Ford has announced to retract their franchises and that would be in exchange for the compensations.

In order to that, if the dealers are ready to continue what Ford has demanded and sell Lincolns then they should focus on further proceedings that Ford has made.

2013 is the year when Ford has planned to launch its redesigned model along with a new small crossover which is based on the Ford Focus platform. A group of 120 Lincoln dealers had been invited to the meeting to hear Ford’s plans to rebuild its remaining luxury brand, say dealers who attended.

All in all, Ford wants to launch its redesigned Lincoln MKZ with another vehicle of its own. And we suspect that the Ford Focus based crossover will be a BMW X3 or Audi Q5 that is about to stand in the competition with the redesigned Lincoln.

By Sunita Mandal