Ford to Reach 3,000 White-Collar Employees in 2013 image

Ford announced it will add 3, 000 salaried employees by the end of this year, most of them in Michigan.

This number is with 800 more than the previously announced one and the US automaker said that 80%of the new workers will be technical professionals with “new skills.” The company also announced its plans to boost hourly employment by 12, 000 workers by 2015.

The new jobs are especially in IT, engineering, manufacturing and product development and will be in addition to the 2,200 new jobs previously announced by the automaker earlier this year. Ford said that it will also hire workers in finance, purchasing and other areas.

This would be Ford’s largest hiring effort for a year in more than a decade, a move adopted by the other automakers. Analysts predict that automakers will increase their workforce and the number of facilities. The Detroit Three have already announced they will add thousands of hourly employees this year.

In March Ford and its 4,000 hourly workers at the Genk plant reached an agreement, according to which the automaker can close the plant at the end of 2014, which currently manufactures the Mondeo sedan, but it has to give $750 million cash payout. That would be an average $187,500 per worker.

Source: Reuters